Freitag, 23. April 2010

My favorite place in sl - Erotic Behavior Beach

Welcome to Erotic Behavior

We have many exciting things here at Erotic Behavior (please do not confuse us with another SIM that has taken a likeness to our name along with all our ideas). We have a beach community with a grand hotel, hotel rooms are free on a daily basis but can be rented for more privacy on a weekly basis. Suites go for $99L a weeks and Single rooms are $75L a week. Also, Tiki huts with great beds for you to use. If you are more the gambling type we have GameWorld for those of you that like to play with your lindens. For those of you feel a little more adventurous, the Castle is set up with both Vampire rooms, BDSM theme rooms and Black Market with great vendors.

For those of you looking for some fun nightlife and entertainment, Rock Doghouse has brought us an awesome club Erotic Fantasy Escort & Dance Club. Or you can head down to the beach to enjoy great beach parties with our SIM DJ!

Our latest addition is the ExoticMadness Mall with some of the best designers in SL sporting their wears. Across from th ExoticMadness Mall is a very nice Art Gallery if you need some nice decor to add to your home in SL.

We have Penthouses for rent in the high rise buildings, mega mall spaces for large stores or Kiosks for smaller vendors. There are freebies all over the SIM along with may places to sit and hangout with your friends from around the world.

Come and be a part of our community.

See you soon

Violetsong Starsider

This is the welcome note of Erotic Behavior, my favorite place in SL. Yes, if you search for it you find the keywords Nude Beach and Free Sex. But Erotic Behavior is much more than just another sex sim. In fact there is far more other activities going on than sex. You meet people from all kind of places. People who have been in SL for a long time. You get interesting deep conversation as well as small talk. You might even find your partner in Second Life here :-) I did. The whole sim is very charismatic. The sun is always setting, coating everything in a soft warm orange. The place is usually swarming with people. The mood is mellow, kind, friendly.
I love this place.

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