Samstag, 24. April 2010

Love in Second Life - Vick

When I met Vick I was heavily into roleplay. He met me in full gear, armed and clad in black leather. It did not prevent him from chatting to me. Afterwards i went on doing my thing I was also busy building my first house. He kept IMing me from time to time and finally we had our first date. It was inspectacular, he had asked to see my house and I, proud of my first creation showed it to him. Here for the first time I took in his presence fully: He was tall, slim, blonde. Not as heavy muscled as most men in sl, wearing the most popular freebie skin for men, the Steve-Skin which is good looking and unshaven. He wore it well, had made it individual through his shape. His eyes were blue almost turquise. I fell in love with him that day, in a matter of minutes. He was charming and passionate and I was infatuated. We spend hours together that day and from there on we were a couple. We were like passionate children, so deeply in love. We even had babies. A little girl and a boy. But soon I found out that Vicks passion also meant that he was very jealous. The first time he broke it off with me was when someone had broken into my house and removed all the pictures of Vick and I. Vick was convinced I had done it to see a another lover. The pictures were in fact somewhere outside but still Vick was convinced I was betraying him. It cost a lot of my tears and counceling from a friend of Vick to persuade him that I was innocent. This what not the only time, His jealousay let him to all kind of accusations. But having said that, that was us! It was Tears and Laughter, Passion and Jealousy, Happiness and Sadness. And we were so much in was one of those love stories that leaves a deep impression in your heart, a mark that will never fade away.
In the end we couldn't survive, his jealousy was wearing me out and when he finished with me for the fourth or fith time, only to come back a day later and beg my forgivness I told him under tears that I could'nt do it anymore. We were both devastated and sad. We talked for hours, we held each other and mourned for our love. It wasn't that we had stopped loving each other. Oh no, the love was as strong as ever, but out love was too heavy for us to carry, we were hurting from it. Shortly after Vick had real life which prevented him from coming inworld as much as he used to and he gave me free. I started to go dancing and for the first time met other men. Flirted sometimes but never forgot my love. He was with me all the time. It took a long time to get over him.Even today I feel very strongly about him. I am in a new relationship now with a wonderful man who could be my twin in regards of how we feel about sl, but Vick and I remained close friends to this day. He is married now to a beautiful talented woman and I am very happy for him.

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